The Exceptional Cathy Beggan

Cathy Beggan If there is one woman who can serve as an inspiration for many, it is Cathy Beggan. Being the founder and CEO of Rise-N-Shine, she is dedicated in providing quality products to people. She is an advocate of natural things that is why she came up with developing the company that promotes natural supplements. Because of the effort of Cathy Beggan, Rise-N-Shine became one of the most vibrant companies in the US. Up to the present, the business is continuously developing high quality natural products essential for promoting wellness to people.

As the president, she started several projects in which mostly are revolutionary. One of their best-selling products is the Catalase Extreme – a supplement that is designed to replenish the catalase enzyme in our body. This enzyme is necessary in giving our hair the natural look even as we age. Another product that the company developed under the management of Cathy is Wake Up on Time. This is a supplement specialized to give you energy when you wake up in the morning. Since the initial release of the product in the market, it already had high sales.

All the products of Rise-N-Shine are truly groundbreaking and that is because of the effort of its founder and owner, Cathy Beggan. She makes sure that all their products have gone through a thorough evaluation in order to provide only the best for all their customers. Their groundbreaking products are truly a big help to many.

Cathy and the company have one goal which is to help the masses in giving out the best in them. Rise-N-Shine together with Cathy will only be satisfied once they see their customers in their best look. For several years, Cathy provided full service to her company in the hope that someday, they will be the top manufacturer of natural supplements worldwide. She lives up to the expectation that someday soon, they will be the leading supplier of wellness products around the world.

Cathy BegganFor Cathy, once you are being guided by your determination to succeed, there is no one that can stop you from achieving it. The only thing that makes someone do things which are beyond her limits is motivation and this is true to her.

Not everyone knows that aside from her busy schedule as a full time president of her own company, Cathy Beggan is also the founder and host of a radio show entitled, “So You Think You Can Host”. This is actually a radio contest sponsored by the show itself in search for potential host who has the appeal to attract an audience through his voice. It is a live streaming show concentrates solely in searching for the next talented hosts who have a strong command in oral communication. Through the effort of Cathy along with the other members of the team, the radio show became a success for more than a year.

Beggan was so enthusiastic that the show will be a success since the rating was high. In the end, the show did great in giving opportunities for individuals who are given talents in the field. As the host of the show, this is one of her biggest achievements. She has given her commitment on the show being able to gain all the requirements for it to become a success.

The achievements of Cathy Beggan as a woman are beyond the ability of an ordinary man. Her skills in running her own business is exceptionally incredible and worthy of praise. She is both skillful in social media and wellness. Truly, there is so much that she can give out of her expertise.

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